Gild past tense

3 forms of the verb gild The English verb 'gild' is pronounced as [gɪld].
Related to: irregular verbs.
3 forms of verb gild: Infinitive (gild), Past Simple - (gilt), Past Participle - (gilt).

Here are the past tense forms of the verb gild

👉 Forms of verb gild in future and past simple and past participle.
❓ What is the past tense of gild.

Gild: Past, Present, and Participle Forms

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle
gild [gɪld]

gilt [gɪlt]

gilt [gɪlt]

What are the 2nd and 3rd forms of the verb gild?

🎓 What are the past simple, future simple, present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect forms of the base form (infinitive) 'gild'?

Learn the three forms of the English verb 'gild'

  • the first form (V1) is 'gild' used in present simple and future simple tenses.
  • the second form (V2) is 'gilt' used in past simple tense.
  • the third form (V3) is 'gilt' used in present perfect and past perfect tenses.

What are the past tense and past participle of gild?

The past tense and past participle of gild are: gild in past simple is gilt, and past participle is gilt.

What is the past tense of gild?

The past tense of the verb "gild" is "gilt", and the past participle is "gilt".

Verb Tenses

Past simple — gild in past simple gilt (V2).
Future simple — gild in future simple is gild (will + V1).
Present Perfect — gild in present perfect tense is gilt (have/has + V3).
Past Perfect — gild in past perfect tense is gilt (had + V3).

gild regular or irregular verb?

👉 Is 'gild' a regular or irregular verb? The verb 'gild' is irregular verb.

Examples of Verb gild in Sentences

  •   The autumn sun gilded the river. (Past Simple)
  •   Terry also gilded the ceiling to give the room a grander look. (Past Simple)
  •   The king will gild his old throne. (Future Simple)
  •   He gilded the first page of each chapter, so we know there are 25. (Past Simple)
  •   I will gild myself with ducats and come down to you. (Future Simple)
  •   A ray of the sun will gild our armor. (Future Simple)
  •   As for me, since the lie is good for you, I agree to gild it. (Present Simple)
  •   More than 100 kilograms of gold were used to gild the sophisticated stucco façade. (Past Simple)
  •   Autumn has gilded the leaves. (Present Perfect)
  •   The sun gilded the tops of the hills. (Past Simple)

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