Leer past tense

3 forms of the verb leer The English verb 'leer' is pronounced as [lɪə].
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3 forms of verb leer: Infinitive (leer), Past Simple - (Leered), Past Participle - (Leered).

Here are the past tense forms of the verb leer

👉 Forms of verb leer in future and past simple and past participle.
❓ What is the past tense of leer.

Leer: Past, Present, and Participle Forms

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle
leer [lɪə]

Leered [lɪəd]

Leered [lɪəd]

What are the 2nd and 3rd forms of the verb leer?

🎓 What are the past simple, future simple, present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect forms of the base form (infinitive) 'leer'?

Learn the three forms of the English verb 'leer'

  • the first form (V1) is 'leer' used in present simple and future simple tenses.
  • the second form (V2) is 'Leered' used in past simple tense.
  • the third form (V3) is 'Leered' used in present perfect and past perfect tenses.

What are the past tense and past participle of leer?

The past tense and past participle of leer are: leer in past simple is Leered, and past participle is Leered.

What is the past tense of leer?

The past tense of the verb "leer" is "Leered", and the past participle is "Leered".

Verb Tenses

Past simple — leer in past simple Leered (V2).
Future simple — leer in future simple is leer (will + V1).
Present Perfect — leer in present perfect tense is Leered (have/has + V3).
Past Perfect — leer in past perfect tense is Leered (had + V3).

leer regular or irregular verb?

👉 Is 'leer' a regular or irregular verb? The verb 'leer' is regular verb.

Examples of Verb leer in Sentences

  •   Several teenagers leered at young women on the beach. (Past Simple)
  •   However, they soon began to leer at the behavior of the young teacher, who spent all his free time in the smoky trattoria in political arguments. (Past Simple)
  •   The same Hindu warlords who broke with the old ways were leered by the common people. (Past Simple)
  •   My sunglasses broke three months ago, and since then I've learned to leer. (Present Perfect)
  •   The eyes leered and squinted, involuntarily causing the other person to smile back. (Past Simple)
  •   The man's face was covered with wrinkles and gray stubble, and his small blue eyes leered. (Past Simple)
  •   She leered, though she had acted like a village idiot before, on whom wealth and fame had suddenly fallen. (Past Simple)
  •   Often people leer at beauty, seeking to possess it. (Present Simple)
  •   He leered at any large puddle to see if any fish would show up in it. (Past Simple)
  •   From time to time she looked in the rearview mirror of her Jeep, not at the road but at herself, thinking that she still looked very good and that men were leering at her. (Past Simple)

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