Phrasal verb break in

3 forms of the verb break in English verb break in [breɪk ɪn].
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3 forms of verb break in: Infinitive (break in), Past Simple - (broke in), Past Participle - (broken in).

Forms of verb break in in past tenses

👉 Forms of verb break in in future and past simple and past participle.
❓ What is the past tense of break in.

Three forms of verb break in

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle
break in [breɪk ɪn]

broke in [brəʊk ɪn]

broken in [ˈbrəʊkən ɪn]

What is 2nd and 3rd form of break in?

🎓 Base Form (Infinitive) break in in Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect?

  • First form (V1) - break in. (Present simple, Future Simple)
  • Second form (V2) - broke in. (Past simple)
  • Third form (V3) - broken in. (Present perfect, Past perfect)

What are the past tense and past participle of break in?

The past tense of break in is: break in in past simple is broke in. and past participle is broken in.

What is the past tense of break in?

The past tense of break in is broke in.
The past participle of break in is broken in.

Verb Tenses

Past simple — break in in past simple broke in. (V2)
Future simple — break in in future simple break in. (will + V1)
Present Perfect — break in in present perfect tense broken in. (have\has + V3)
Past Perfect — break in in past perfect tense broken in. (had + V3)

break in regular or irregular verb?

👉 Is break in an irregular verb?? break in is .

Examples of Verb break in in Sentences

  •   The burglar broke in our neighbor’s house last night (Past Simple)
  •   Call the police! Someone is breaking into that car! (Present Continuous)
  •   The loud bell on the clock broke in upon his dreams (Past Simple)
  •   I should have broken in these boots before wearing them. My feet hurt! (Present Perfect)
  •   C’mon, let’s go break in your new Ferrari! (Present Simple)
  •   The dog has to stay outside because he hasn’t been broken in yet (Present Perfect)
  •   After we break in the rabbit, we can let it out of its cage (Present Simple)
  •   She waited for a break in the conversation (Present Simple)
  •   I'm wearing my new boots in the house to break them in (Present Simple)
  •   Break in the engine (Present Simple)

Along with break in, words are popular sneak out and run into.

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