Help past tense

3 forms of the verb help The English verb 'help' is pronounced as [help].
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3 forms of verb help: Infinitive (help), Past Simple - (helped), Past Participle - (helped).

Here are the past tense forms of the verb help

👉 Forms of verb help in future and past simple and past participle.
❓ What is the past tense of help.

Help: Past, Present, and Participle Forms

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle
help [help]

helped [helpt]

helped [helpt]

What are the 2nd and 3rd forms of the verb help?

🎓 What are the past simple, future simple, present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect forms of the base form (infinitive) 'help'?

Learn the three forms of the English verb 'help'

  • the first form (V1) is 'help' used in present simple and future simple tenses.
  • the second form (V2) is 'helped' used in past simple tense.
  • the third form (V3) is 'helped' used in present perfect and past perfect tenses.

What are the past tense and past participle of help?

The past tense and past participle of help are: help in past simple is helped, and past participle is helped.

What is the past tense of help?

The past tense of the verb "help" is "helped", and the past participle is "helped".

Verb Tenses

Past simple — help in past simple helped (V2).
Future simple — help in future simple is help (will + V1).
Present Perfect — help in present perfect tense is helped (have/has + V3).
Past Perfect — help in past perfect tense is helped (had + V3).

help regular or irregular verb?

👉 Is 'help' a regular or irregular verb? The verb 'help' is regular verb.

Examples of Verb help in Sentences

  •   We offered to help the dog (Past Simple)
  •   I can't help myself - I have to drink (Present Simple)
  •   We helped him fit some new gloves (Past Simple)
  •   He always helps me, but I can't give him anything back (Present Simple)
  •   Here are drinks and snacks, please, help yourself (Present Simple)
  •   Stop, this is not helping, let's try something else (Present Continuous)
  •   Your current behavior isn't helping me to quit smoking (Present Continuous)
  •   I helped him a lot, but seems like he doesn't appreciate that at all. (Past Simple)
  •   Tell me about that gym, did their training program help you to lose weight? (Past Simple)
  •   Call me any time and I will help you with exam preparation (Future Simple)

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