Sign past tense

3 forms of the verb sign English verb sign [saɪn].
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3 forms of verb sign: Infinitive (sign), Past Simple - (signed), Past Participle - (signed).

Forms of verb sign in past tenses

👉 Forms of verb sign in future and past simple and past participle.
❓ What is the past tense of sign.

Three forms of verb sign

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle
sign [saɪn]

signed [saɪnd]

signed [saɪnd]

What is 2nd and 3rd form of sign?

🎓 Base Form (Infinitive) sign in Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect?

  • First form (V1) - sign. (Present simple, Future Simple)
  • Second form (V2) - signed. (Past simple)
  • Third form (V3) - signed. (Present perfect, Past perfect)

What are the past tense and past participle of sign?

The past tense of sign is: sign in past simple is signed. and past participle is signed.

What is the past tense of sign?

The past tense of sign is signed.
The past participle of sign is signed.

Verb Tenses

Past simple — sign in past simple signed. (V2)
Future simple — sign in future simple sign. (will + V1)
Present Perfect — sign in present perfect tense signed. (have\has + V3)
Past Perfect — sign in past perfect tense signed. (had + V3)

sign regular or irregular verb?

👉 Is sign an irregular verb?? sign is regular verb.

Examples of Verb sign in Sentences

  •   We can ask her to sign the copy (Present Simple)
  •   They signed a peace agreement in 1951 (Past Simple)
  •   The non-permanent members have signed only the German version (Present Perfect)
  •   This road has already been signed, although it was built only yesterday. (Present Perfect)
  •   The hostess signed for us to go inside. (Past Simple)
  •   He signed the contract without even looking at it. (Past Simple)
  •   I took a pen and signed. (Past Simple)
  •   He has signed up for a weekly newsletter. (Present Perfect)
  •   They signed each other's notebooks. (Past Simple)
  •   I will never sign it! (Future Simple)

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