Single past tense

3 forms of the verb single The English verb 'single' is pronounced as [ˈsɪŋɡl].
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3 forms of verb single: Infinitive (single), Past Simple - (singled), Past Participle - (singled).

Here are the past tense forms of the verb single

👉 Forms of verb single in future and past simple and past participle.
❓ What is the past tense of single.

Single: Past, Present, and Participle Forms

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle
single [ˈsɪŋɡl]

singled [ˈsɪŋɡəld]

singled [ˈsɪŋɡəld]

What are the 2nd and 3rd forms of the verb single?

🎓 What are the past simple, future simple, present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect forms of the base form (infinitive) 'single'?

Learn the three forms of the English verb 'single'

  • the first form (V1) is 'single' used in present simple and future simple tenses.
  • the second form (V2) is 'singled' used in past simple tense.
  • the third form (V3) is 'singled' used in present perfect and past perfect tenses.

What are the past tense and past participle of single?

The past tense and past participle of single are: single in past simple is singled, and past participle is singled.

What is the past tense of single?

The past tense of the verb "single" is "singled", and the past participle is "singled".

Verb Tenses

Past simple — single in past simple singled (V2).
Future simple — single in future simple is single (will + V1).
Present Perfect — single in present perfect tense is singled (have/has + V3).
Past Perfect — single in past perfect tense is singled (had + V3).

single regular or irregular verb?

👉 Is 'single' a regular or irregular verb? The verb 'single' is regular verb.

Examples of Verb single in Sentences

  •   He singled you out for one reason, namely, the mixed results of all the tests. (Past Simple)
  •   A person singles the goal of his activity and strives to make it as specific as possible, in other words, to determine what benefits and in what quantity he would like to obtain. (Present Simple)
  •   The attitude of fathers to mothers to a large extent singles the nature of boys' attitudes toward girls. (Present Simple)
  •   The law also states that benefactors themselves can single the purposes and procedures for the use of their donations. (Present Simple)
  •   In ordinary letters the text was stitched without singling the words, without punctuation, and even missing half of the vowels. (Past Simple)
  •   Humans began to single their habitat with other organisms. (Past Simple)
  •   That doesn't mean you get to single the people you have to work with. (Present Simple)
  •   - Of all the available options, a person always singles the best one. (Present Simple)
  •   Before you choose a particular project, it is necessary to clearly signle the goals for which the structure will serve. (Present Simple)
  •   The first step is for me to signle a goal and understand what all the fuss is about. (Present Simple)

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